Unreal Engine Support - Now Live!

Unreal Engine Support - Now Live!
Alex Hirsu
October 5, 2023

We're closing out Blockus Launch Week with a bang, by introducing Unreal Engine support!

Game studios and developers can now integrate web3 functionalities with tailor-made aesthetics and further simplify in-game UX with expanded account abstraction-enabled features.

Dive in to learn how to supercharge your gaming experience by integrating with Blockus.

Leveraging the Unreal Engine Support

Blockus introduces deeper wallet integration with Unreal Engine, one of the most popular gaming engines in the industry. 

Game studios can seamlessly integrate fully customizable web3 functionalities into the game and deliver an immersive gameplay experience, all while simplifying in-game transactions and asset management.

Developers can now granularly customize the look and feel of the user wallet interface or in-game marketplace to closely align with the game's aesthetics. Every aspect, from the login process to confirmations, can be skinned to blend naturally with the game environment.

How It Works

Blockus offers game studios and developers a range of versatile in-game wallet options for their players. Users can directly connect their web3 wallets or log in using web2 credentials like email or social accounts to generate non-custodial externally-owned wallets (EOAs) and "invisible" account abstraction (AA) wallets. This flexibility allows game creators to easily cater to the preferences of both web2 and web3 users.

Web2 Login

In the example provided, players are prompted to log in using their email credentials. For increased security, a confirmation code is sent via email, which users then need to enter in-game. We’ve designed these confirmations to mimic conventional in-game modals in order to ensure an intuitive and familiar user experience.

Following successful verification, the system generates two distinct wallet addresses: an EOA and an AA wallet address. These dual wallets allow players to effortlessly make in-game purchases, eliminating common friction points typically associated with onboarding web2 players into the web3 gaming ecosystem.

Web3 Wallet Connectivity

The second video highlights how web2 games can integrate EOA wallet connectivity to facilitate a seamless experience for web3 users, allowing them to log in and perform in-game transactions with ease.

What’s Next?

While expanding our platform offerings, we remain focused on offering game developers more versatile tools to create immersive gaming experiences by leveraging AA, and aim to integrate advanced features like token-bound accounts.

If you're a game studio or developer looking to leverage Unreal Engine support with Blockus for your game, sign up here for a demo with our team.