Complete NFT Management

Any asset, any chain

Have unlimited freedom to be creative with on-chain assets and interactions

Seamless asset management

  • One simple portal to create and manage NFTs across your games, across chains
  • We take care of all the background mechanics - metadata and image storage, node management and interactions, indexers, etc.

Any NFT interaction at your fingertips

  • From NFT-gated content to airdrops to lootboxes and packs, Blockus empowers you to use NFTs in ways that create value and amazing experiences
  • Evolve your NFTs, whether its through updated metadata, mint/burn, or dynamic NFT interactions
  • Build with confidence

Advanced NFT capabilities

  • Give PFPs or any NFT its own wallet and the power that comes with it (supported by select EVM-based chains)
  • Allow players to rent NFTs or sets of NFTs, either directly from the game or from other players
  • Create sophisticated economies inside your game around unique asset dynamics