Where to Find Us Worldwide

Eth CC

Jul 8 - Jul 11, 2024
Brussels, Belgium


Past Events - Worldwide

NY Tech Week

Jun 3 - Jun 9, 2024
New York City, USA

Consensus 2024

May 29 - May 31, 2024
Austin, USA


Los Angeles, USA

Token 2049

Apr 18 - Apr 19, 2024
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Apr 10 - Apr 17, 2024
Seoul, South Korea

HK Web3 Festival

Apr 6 - Apr 9, 2024
Hong Kong, SAR, China


Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2024
San Francisco, USA

ETH Denver

Feb 27 - Mar 3, 2024
Denver, USA

YGG Web3 Games Summit

Nov 18 - Nov 25, 2023
BGC, Philippines


Nov 16 - Nov 17, 2023
Busan, South Korea

Tokyo Game Show

Sep 21 - Sep 24, 2023
Tokyo, Japan

Token 2049

Sep 13 - Sep 14, 2023

Asia Blockchain Game Alliance

Sep 11 - Sep 12, 2023

Korea Blockchain Week

Sep 4 - Sep 10, 2023
Seoul, Korea


Aug 23 - Aug 28, 2023
Cologne, Germany


Jul 18 - Jul 19, 2023
San Diego, USA


Jul 17 - Jul 20, 2023
Paris, France
NPC (ERC 6551) Meetup

ETH Waterloo

Jun 23 - Jun 25, 2023
Waterloo, Canada
Saturday Recovery Brunch


Jun 8 - Jun 9, 2023
Los Angeles, USA
Web3 Game Studio Mixer


Apr 26 - Apr 28, 2023
Austin, USA


Apr 12 - Apr 14, 2023


Mar 20 - Mar 24, 2023
San Francisco, USA
Web 3.0 Studios Mixer
Super Smash Tournament

ETH Denver

Feb 24 - Mar 5, 2023
Denver, USA

Dice Summit

Feb 21 - Feb 23, 2023
Las Vegas, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got you covered!

How can I create a Blockus account?

Please reach out for a demo with our team!

What levels of support can I expect from Blockus?

At Blockus, we offer a 2 tiered approach to support.

Our studio partners on the business side will receive 1-on-1 support for all things non-product related. We offer a dedicated support person to answer questions on everything from integration requests, billing to Law Firm and influencer referrals.

For technical staff from studios, we offer a detailed self service docs portal, as well as  1-on-1 support for all technical questions, during regular business hours for North America and APAC regions.

Can I invite my team members to my Blockus account?

Yes. We encourage and are built for the Studio experience. Everyone from studio owner, Game Designer, Unity/Unreal/GoDot developers to smart contract developers should have their own Blockus account.

We offer different surfaces best tailored to each - like earnings dashboard for studio owners, bulk NFT upload mint for Game Designers, on-chain API docs for smart contract developers and Unity/Unreal/GoDot docs for Unity developers. But everyone can collectively collaborate through their Blockus Studio account for their multiple game titles.

We do not charge per seat.

Are Blockus products legally complaint?

We work with three separate legal counsels, each specializing in one area within Payments, Blockchain and NFTs to ensure any product we offer are legally compliant in the United States and worldwide.

Our legal counsels have taken Electronic Arts through it's IPO, and works with Yuga Labs, the team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club as their legal counsel. Collectively, they currently represent Unity Technologies, Niantic, and 35% of the US-based technology unicorns.

We spend the time and budget to ensure the solutions offered are both frictionless for your players as well as fully compliant for the regulatory entities, so you don't have to.

Are Blockus onchain products secure?

Security is our #1 priority.

We work with leading smart contract auditors currently active in the DeFi space to fully vet any contracts we deploy.

Could you introduce me to one of your legal counsels?

Of course! We are more than happy to. Please reach out for a chat.