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for Web3 gaming experiences.

Blockus is your all-in-one ecosystem for Web3 gaming.
Beautifully built, fully compliant, seamlessly integrated into your game.

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The most Advanced Web3 gaming stack

We have built the most secure, compliant and seamless experience for game studios to onboard their players, and build on-chain gaming features.


Build, Launch and Thrive

Simplify development, empower your players, and unlock the full potential of blockchain gaming.

Multi-Chain Support

Easily implement and manage multiple blockchains in your game with support for various chains, giving developers flexibility. Focus on top-notch gameplay while wallets and bridging are handled for you.

Seamless Integration

Whether building for web, mobile, desktop, or cross-platform, seamless integration solutions are available. Gasless transactions streamline the player experience by using built-in relayers or account abstraction wallets to eliminate the concept of gas.

Global Compliance

Guided compliance onboarding for game studios, with location-based KYC and invisible AML and sanction compliance, ensures adherence to global regulations without compromising player experience.

Analytics and Tracking

Track every aspect of Web2+3 activity in your games with detailed analytics. Use our APIs to analyze, track, and report vital metrics, ensuring optimal player activation, retention, and engagement.

Developer Friendly Tools

Explore our developer tools for seamless blockchain integration: SDKs, detailed documentation, and dedicated support empower you to focus on creating engaging gameplay.

Minter and Tokenization

Securely mint achievement tokens and in-game assets tied to your game. Use our platform to create, manage, and evolve NFTs and other tokens, enhancing player engagement and providing new revenue opportunities through tokenization.

Discover the Future of Play with


Unified Web2 and Web3 login

Allow your users to login with familiar methods or bring their own wallet.
Instantly gain access to all web2 gamers
Invisible, multi-chain wallets to support your on-chain and cross-chain needs
Fully immersed in-game transactions and confirmations
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Service game with FIAT/Crypto

It’s never been easier to implement on your favorite chain, or even multiple chains. Focus on what makes your gameplay top notch, let Blockus take care of the wallets and bridging.
Invisible, multi-chain wallets to support your on-chain and cross-chain needs
Comprehensive coverage in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. Supported across 173 countries
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Complete NFT management

With a complete set of NFT management APIs, developers can manage the full lifecycle of in-game NFT assets in a familiar way.
NFT Marketplaces
White-labeled web marketplace & In-game marketplace APIs
Mint and Transfer
Gasless and fully managed transactions
On-Chain Usage
APIs to modify or update NFTs &contracts for locking and staking
High customization
Detailed setup of NFTs tuned for game design & business model
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Blockus helps you easily find and integrate with best-in-class solutions.


Our Mission and Priorities

Security First

Built by those who handled multi-billion dollar payments systems and institutional-grade crypto asset custody. Contracts fully vetted by industry leading auditors.

Scaling as a Service

Our toolset offer your studio the ability to easily scale to your 100,000,000 player from the start, while being fully secure and compliant.

Fully Compliant

Blockus partners with 4 independent legal counsels to ensure any solutions we ship are fully compliant, in the US and worldwide.

gaming L1 and L2 chains with the most traction

We keep our eyes on the next chain with the most traction, so you don't have to.

Stay Informed with Our Documents and News

Here you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Blockus Docs as quickly as possible. We'll inspire you with ideas for blockchain- and NFT-enabled gameplay that captivate players and spark a sense of pride and ownership. Let's jump right in!
Faster, Stronger Cyber Defense
Provide in-depth analysis and clear recommendations to address vulnerabilities
Robust, Tailored Protection
Find relevant information quickly and avoid getting lost in a sea of generic security resources.
Stronger, Safer Digital Fortresses
Leverage the expertise of leading Web3 security professionals.