Seamlessly Onboard
Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Gamers

Blockus is your all-in-one ecosystem for Web3 gaming.
Beautifully built, fully compliant, seamlessly integrated into your game.

The most advanced
Web3 gaming stack.

We have built the most secure, compliant and seamless experience for game studios to onboard their players, and build on-chain gaming features.


Unified Web2 and Web3 login


Sell Assets Directly with Fiat


Complete NFT Management

With a complete set of NFT management APIs, developers can manage the full lifecycle of in-game NFT assets in a familiar way.

Easily integrate with the perfect solutions
Augment game development with leaders in the web3 ecosystem. Blockus helps you easily find and integrate with best-in-class solutions.

Try the gaming infra of the future, today.

Integrating with gaming L1 and L2 chains with the most traction

We keep our eyes on the next chain with the most traction, so you don't have to.

Our Mission and Priorities

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Security First

Rest assured that your assets are safe.

Built by those who handled multi-billion dollar payments systems and institutional-grade crypto asset custody. Contracts fully vetted by industry leading auditors.

Scaling as a Service

Built by those with scale in mind.

Our toolset offer your studio the ability to easily scale to your 100,000,000 player from the start, while being fully secure and compliant.

Fully Compliant

Ship a fully compliant Web3 game.

Blockus partners with 4 independent legal counsels to ensure any solutions we ship are fully compliant, in the US and worldwide.