Case Study: Crafting a Successful Web3 Gaming Distribution Strategy with Abyss World

Case Study: Crafting a Successful Web3 Gaming Distribution Strategy with Abyss World

It’s no secret that great content still needs great distribution. Today, we sat down with Joe Zu, the brilliant mind behind Abyss World, to share his thoughts on a successful Web3 distribution strategy. 

Since initial public debut less than 4 months ago, Abyss World has gathered a 33k Discord community, 65k Twitter following, as well as selling out of an OpenSea collection worth $1M+, and recently launched a free-mint battle pass collection that had 26k NFTs claimed in under 30 minutes across Magic Eden and 6 other NFT marketplaces.

Foundation: Build an amazing game.

But how did they achieve this level of success? Well, it all started with a solid foundation. The Abyss World team worked tirelessly for two years during the COVID pandemic and through the FTX collapse to create an amazing game that boasts high fidelity graphics built using Unreal 5, as reflected through the refined details of the game's battle system. The quality was recognized by IGN, the premiere gaming news source, which featured Abyss World as its first featured Web3 game.

Joe says himself, "for us, the most important thing is the game. I've been building games for 10 years, and I will not release something I feel embarrassed by."

Step 1: Initial community bootstrapping.

The IGN feature proved to be nothing short of a game-changer, catapulting Abyss World's Steam listing to an impressive 70k organic wishlists in a matter of weeks. Energized by this hit start, the resourceful Abyss World team sprang into action, deftly spreading the word to a variety of Web 3.0 communities and harnessing these early connections to bootstrap a rapidly growing Twitter and Discord following. Thanks to the enthusiasm of these early adopters, the game quickly gained momentum, firmly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of online gaming.

Step 2: OpenSea in game PFP sale debut.

With the initial community bootstrap success, the MetaGame team swiftly moved to launch their Gazer collection, a limited first batch of 2,100 Genesis NFTs exclusively available to their early community members on ETH using OpenSea. The team applied for a Blur account as well, but did not get approved in time for the mint.

The collection quickly sold out in just 48 hours, reaching the OpenSea home page organically and trending in the Top 10 gaming NFTs there for two weeks straight. With a current floor price of 0.34 ETH and total volume of 640 ETH, the first and most loyal group of Abyss World community members was established.

MetaGame made an astonishing $1M in revenue with this PFP sale.

Step 3: MagicEden free mint.

But they didn't stop there! Riding on the coattails of the initial drop success, the MetaGame team released the next set of 26,000 free mint battle passes: Fallen Eye - Pass to Abyss Colosseum. This collection was released 2 days ago on April 26, just about a month after the OpenSea PFP collection.

The team leveraged a multi-chain strategy, splitting the collection between Polygon and SUI Testnet. The initial 7000 dropped on Polygon through MagicEden and was minted out in 30 minutes. Subsequent mints went out on other exchanges including SUI Testnet via Souffl3 (5000 supply) and others (14,000), where high traffic from the mint broke Souffl3’s API.

"The free mint surpassed all of our expectations," Zu said. "We launched the Fallen Eye pass as a way for our early fans to interact with a preview of our battle system, and we ended up adding a new wave of loyal followers. Being able to release on multiple chains really helped amplify Abyss World."

With this free mint, Abyss World’s Discord DAU grew 200%, topping rivals like Azra Games and My Pet Hooligan. The Twitter following grew by 20k, a 45% increase from the previous base. 

Next: follow to see what they’re up to! 

So, what's next for Abyss World? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure - you won't want to miss out! Follow the team’s Twitter account to stay up-to-date with their latest developments and watch this space for more exciting news from Abyss World!

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